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Why did I start The Tinsel?

Posted by Julie VanDeLinder on

Personally, I like the idea of supporting small businesses and creatives.

In short, it’s about slow fashion and bringing the customer to the maker. It’s like Etsy and EBay in that you meet the sellers, but it’s different in that it’s focused on contemporary design in jewelry, accessories and eventually fashion and home decor. 

As an avid Esty shopper, I’ve noticed a change over the past few years. While they support small businesses, their goals have changed since going public. In my opinion, they’ve deviated from their original mission. It used to be that you’d look at the site for cool, personal creative ideas and buy something knowing you were supporting a person or a small group of individuals. More recently, I’ve noticed an influx of mass produced items, used items categorized as vintage, and overall a “more is better” philosophy when it comes to the stuff being showcased and sold there. 

And while that has its purpose, to me it started to feel overwhelming in choice, very broad in terms of quality and less personal and more production oriented. Not to mention some of the service changes behind the scenes affecting the sellers.   

For me, knowing that the woman who made my modern linen clutch is an avid marathon runner or the woman who crafted my beautiful beaded bracelets uses her travels for inspiration is pretty cool. I like having at a piece created by hand from a jewelry designer who worked in the jewelry industry or a Mom who built a studio in her backyard to focus on her creativity and be close to her kids. It’s fun knowing that an adorable pup is a slacker while his Momma challenges herself to new levels of sophistication in metal work that could be mistaken for Tiffany’s or that a creative French woman who relocated to New York from Paris can create fun, whimsical conversation starter pieces like a woman in a little black dress jumping rope. I’ve enjoyed meeting the woman who makes gorgeousfeather clutches in LA that are absolutely sick and make me desire a formal wedding invitation just so I have a legitimate reason to buy one as well as the former fashion stylist who creates beautiful, dainty, everyday jewelry.

From the great aesthetics to quality methods, these designers are showing us that handmade can be cool, interesting and contemporary. 

I encourage you to check out the www.thetinsel.com and explore. And if you see something you like, please use WELCOME10 code for 10% off your first purchase. 

Thank you!