Black and Red Feather Clutch with Jeweled Clasp


Regular price $90.00

Perfect for any special occasion or when you want to add some whimsy to your look.

Black clutch with jeweled clasp with row of rich black feathers with underlaying row of red feathers that are a bit two-toned (darker at the ends) with satin ribbon rim. Both sides of the clutch are adorned with feathers. There are also metal pegs on the bottom to minimize dirt when it is resting, waiting to be picked up again. A metal clasp, silver in color, has crystal detail. Comes with metal chain strap that can tuck away inside the purse or be detached. Purse measures 9.5" (at it's widest part) x 4.875" (from clasp to peg) x 2.375" deep (at it's thickest part). Perfect to store your essentials for a glitzy night out, a dance, your bridal party, or to add fun to an ordinary outfit and best of all handmade.

Ethically created by RedOstrich.