Katie Dean Jewelry

Hi, I’m Katie.

I’m a Midwest girl with a love for style. I create handmade, dainty jewels to inspire women to try something new, embrace their femininity, and feel beautiful while still feeling like themselves.

A lot of people are curious how I began my career in jewelry and how I created my line. I can tell you, it didn’t happen overnight but the journey was worth it.

Born and raised in Michigan, I made the big move to Los Angeles in 2007 to see what the west coast could offer my young artist self and began working a number of jobs, but none of them were “the one”.

I was always drawn to jewelry. In my last job as an assistant stylist, I often came home with the feeling like something was missing. The artist inside me was looking for something more. To try and fill that void, I started disassembling jewelry that I owned so I could create something new.

It was SO exhilarating and therapeutic. The best part was that I would immediately see my creation. I loved that.

After a few weeks of making my own pieces, I was at one of my favorite coffee places wearing a piece I’d recently made (or re-made!), a lady came up to me and asked: “Where did you get that?” – pointing to my bracelet.

In 2015, I took the plunge, quit my day job, and went full force into Katie Dean Jewelry!