Meet Katie!

Marionwild is founded by designer/owner Katie Glenn. Katie’s fascination with fine details found in both nature and architecture inspired her to create a jewelry line that celebrates repetition and simplicity. 

After years of working as a fashion jewelry designer for a mass market audience, she decided to venture back into a more thoughtfully-minded world of handmade jewelry. 

“Marionwild” was born from the idea of old-meets-new. It is a mash up of two words: Marion, a cherished family name. And Wild, the concept and feeling of being uninhabited and always pushing oneself to new adventures. Her goal was to create a world that her jewelry could live in.

Marionwild is a contemporary jewelry line inspired by simple details and colors found in both architecture & nature. Every piece is designed with the idea that everybody should have the opportunity to own jewelry that is high quality & unique, yet affordable.

Marionwild aims to redefine the new classic for everyday wear by highlighting everyday life through the integration of art and design.

All jewelry is designed and handmade in her sunny apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.