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Meet Jennifer!
Yes I have the longest name ever, Jennifer Ann Ogren Nguyen. My middle name is Ann and it was my mom's name so I always like to use it to remember her. She was also was an artist and quite the collector of vintage buttons, jewels and fabrics. I was so inspired with all these beautiful embellishm ents she collected but never got to use. I use many of the jewels and buttons my mom collected from her crafting days from the late 1950s to the 1980s which I mix with feathers and some new jewels that catch my eye while running around in the alleys in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. 

Things that inspire me: Robert Smith of The Cure, haunted houses, Basquiat, Björk, goth clubs, my favorite colors black/hot pink/red, Betsey Johnson, fun tights and knee socks, when the moon is closer to the earth, swirly patterns, Van Gogh, author Banana Yoshimoto (吉本ばなな), Andy Warhol, coffee, excitement, magic and the nighttime city lights I see in my neighborhood. 

To learn more about my creative process, check out my blog at:

I started to create adornments for myself to wear that felt special and worthy of a celebration. I would get compliments on the street for pieces I had made myself and had people asking me where I found such fun items. So I decided to expand my wares so others can enjoy them. I expanded into my wedding collection when I made my own feather purse for my wedding and had a matching hair piece. I took the pictures of my models in the Arts District near my old pad in the Arts District in Downtown L.A. I like to have the femininity and gothic-ness of my pieces juxtapose themselves against this urban backdrop. 

Thank you so much! :o)