Sarah Safavi

Hi there, I'm Sarah. 

Originally I launched in 2010 as Noble Town Vintage dabbling in different creative mediums and in 2013 changed to Sarah Safavi Jewelry with a focus solely on jewelry. The combination of metals and stones is endlessly challenging and fun. Making pieces that feel fresh and also timeless is my goal, I want a piece to look just as at home in your neighborhood boutique as it does in an estate sale jewelry box. I draw inspiration from the landscapes of the Southwest, Modernism and 70’s babes.

After ten years spent as a hairdresser I left to fully pursue my jewelry. My education has been a mix of being self taught and drawn from learning from other jewelers/studios. I utilize silversmithing, lapidary and lost wax casting techniques in my processes and am always looking to learn more. In the past ten years, I have lived in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, where I currently reside with my husband and two little girls working out of a backyard studio we built. 

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