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Theodore Sloane

Hi, I'm Sloane.

I design, craft, and mail each and every Theodore Sloane piece. Theodore is the canine sidekick of the brand, but he sadly doesn't really pull his weight when it comes to the business.

Each piece starts as an idea here in Boston, MA. I then prototype the design in metal or wax. From there, I craft each metal piece in-house, and for wax cast pieces I partner with a nearby casting house to cast my pieces into metal. The resulting raw castings are then refined and polished by hand in my studio. 

Theodore Sloane is about positivity and longevity: in style, quality, and ethical fabrication. Each piece of Theodore Sloane jewelry is made by hand in Somerville, MA using traditional jewelry techniques with special attention paid to sustainable, maintainable practices. We use recycled 925 sterling silver, 14-karat gold & fill, and 14-karat rose gold & fill, because our pieces are meant to be loved; to last; and to be loved for years and years to come.

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